Welcome to Ascension Institute. This is a place focused on healing, growth, wonder,  manifestation and restoration of authentic power.  Ascension.  Life isn’t meant to be so hard. Most of us have just forgotten how to access our real GPS. The soul. I believe we are mind, body and spirit (or energy). The work we do here is with the soul. Energy work. I believe that when we’re working with energy, we are working with the very magic we’re made of.

What does that mean? It means. I practice magic. I work with many different healing arts, or modalities. I have been practicing magic most of my life. I demanded a witch costume from my mother at 2. Drew my first witch at 3 years old and identify as a hereditary witch. I grew up Catholic and my Great Great Grandfather was a circuit preacher with the United Church.  Sometimes God really is everywhere. 🙂 

In 2012 a few years into my new company, Lunch, things should have been perfect, but the traumas of my life were catching up to me.  I felt that something was missing,  something just didn’t feel right.  It was as if I couldn’t seem to get back to being as engaged with life as I used to. I felt I had lost my spark. My fuel, and for a variety of reasons –  I felt like I’d run out of steam.

Through many synchronicities  I crossed paths with my spiritual teacher, Daniel Leonard who founded The Medicine Circle.  At the time I felt so stuck and I thought Shamanic healing might be worth a try. I understood it at the time as a restoration of power. What could it hurt?

It didn’t hurt.
It changed everything.

It was like I got a new set of glasses that I didn’t know I needed. It was the best decision and investment for myself I have made. My work as an Executive Producer had lead me to a place in my career where my dreams quite literally came true. Right before my eyes. Things I’d dreamed of my whole life were happening but I didn’t seem to have the capacity to enjoy them.  Like so many of us do in life, I had been running from my past. I had been avoiding my future, my feelings, myself.  I had been afraid for as long as I could remember. I was constantly ruled by fear and anxiety.  I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. 

My formal path began in 2011 with Shamanism when I began to see Daniel. My own healing journey lead me to look deeper. I was called to practice in 2014, and trained 2015.  In 2016 I founded Ascension Institute.  Energetic growth often feels like you’ve suddenly been given a 10,000 foot view. This is the ascension process. . 

Shamanic healing is inherently about ascending to your higher self.  That’s always been important to me (some still know me as my first online handle from 1995, Transcendz)

Starting a practice but also a movement, an Institution where clients can stand in their power and experience authentic joy . I’ve survived a lot of things in my life. I have lived through tragedy and tribulation and I got to the other side, I hope I can provide of what I’ve learned so far to help you glide through life more easily. I seek to empower, inspire and enlighten through our work. Illumination, and connection are our spiritual mandates. Wonder and magic are our favourite words..

I look forward to experiencing this journey with you. 

With immense gratitude, 

Amy Katherine Miranda

Please feel free to read more about my experience, ethics and mission here.