We are all made of mind, body and spirit. Your energy, is your spirit, your life force, your soul. We work with your own energy field. When we work together, this is confidential sacred ceremony. The work I do is ancient, and I respect it greatly. I work with many different modalities of healing arts.

Shamanism is very literally the path of direct revelation. It is unique to each soul, and our energy and connection to source is a birthright. Shamanism has existed in every culture around the world. Shaman are the gardeners of energy.

We are channels, and we work only with permission. Most of us have a lineage, or are called to practice. Ceremonies are taught by a Shaman, and most Shamanic practitioners (this is what many of us call ourselves) have trained for years, or are born into a shamanic society depending on geography and other factors. Most Indigenous Peoples still live a shamanic way of life. They have had medicine people remain a part of their culture. It is most other societies who have lost, or perhaps forgotten it.

When I work with clients I want to know what is moving them toward the work. I typically connect energetically at this point to determine best approach. It’s like a check in with the Universe, and you, to see what Spirit has to say. Think of it as a life coach you can’t see, or your higher self if that’s helpful. I am a Shamanic Witch so some of my practices are ancestral and I am able to tap into my lineage for support and gifts as a Seer, Oracle and Manifestress. I believe all women are creatrix. All humans are co-creators.
We are literally vessels of light and energy. Powered by Spirit.

When I work with clients in person, the work is gentle. It takes place in a private comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where we work together one on one. I can promise that when we work together you will be safe to express yourself confidentially, or share nothing at all. The choice is absolutely yours. Some ceremony includes a lot of talking and some is without discussion until the ceremony concludes. However I always explain the process, the work I am going to do and what you can expect (It’s a lot of drumming, rattling, chimes, singing bowls, and sometimes singing) Energy is always moving, I would love to explain how Shamanic healing ceremonies actually work, but that would be like explaining how a prayer is answered. It’s impossible to know. However I like to think it’s like a phone call directly to the soul, a conversation with your highest purpose and self and most of all an instantaneous reminder of who you are, and always were in the most beautiful ways.

There are lots of blankets, sometimes a dog or a cat and always lots of gratitude, direct communication and a sense of humor. That’s important to know, Shamanism has a sense of humor. You do not need to believe in God, A higher power, or be religious. Shamanism is a practice. All I ask is what my teacher asked me to do. “Just be open to receiving the healing”. So just be open to the prospect. Be open to wonder. That’s all I ask. Shamanically, I offer many different kinds of work and ceremony. I believe this is our birth right and I frequently donate sessions. Currency is simply a representation of the offering and agreement. The work is about the work you do after the ceremony. We all carry magic, light and the capacity to heal. Shamanic healing ceremony offers us a chance to energetically reclaim our energy that may have been lost due to pain, illness, or trauma.

When we work remotely, I can’t promise blankets, or visits from my pets, but I can promise the same care, confidentiality and approach.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me or see our recommended media list for more information on Shamanism, Reiki, Manifestation and other healing arts.