Your homework is to say a sincere prayer (in whatever way feels authentic to you and your beliefs) before you go to sleep every night until our session.  Shamanic healing work is not affiliated with any religion so you can pray to any higher power that you believe in.  Before you sleep each night before the session ask that you “be prepared during your dreamtime to receive the healing at the Soul Retrieval session on __________________.    You can add any other healing intentions to your prayer that you would like to have come. It is an important part of the process for you to ask. For you to invite yourself home. This is all about you. So make sure you’re focused on yourself. 

 In the days before the ceremony, try to rest if you can and be sure to get a goodnight sleep the night before. You should not drink alcohol the day before the ceremony, the day of the ceremony, or the day after the ceremony. Try to stay away from junk food and prepare yourself in any way that feels right for you. This could be doing meditation, yoga, an Epsom salt bath or any other spiritual or relaxation practice that allows you to be in a receptive state to receive the healing. 

At your convenience shortly after the session, within the next 2 weeks after, I ask that a small ritual be performed by you to ground the healing in your body and to honor our work. First think of something that you can offer nature in gratitude for the healing you have received. This could be putting out seeds for birds, nuts for squirrels, apples for deer, putting tobacco at the base of a tree, whatever you feel is appropriate, right for you.

Please make the offering with intent and heartfelt gratitude. It is a key component to the process. The second part of the ritual is to sit by a tree that you feel connected to. It is wise to silently ask the tree permission first to be sure you are welcome. Spend a few moments quieting your mind and taking some deep breaths. When you are at ease and calm, ask the tree: “How can I ground the healing that occurred at the Soul Retrieval?”

You may not get an answer immediately, it can show up in a way you may not expect, so pay attention to signs in your daily life. Grounding the healing is also an important part of the process. Trees are great helpers and grounding tools for us as they are obviously deeply rooted, and grounded into the Earth. So you can imagine being connected to the tree and running your energy down through the tree’s roots, into the ground and back up into your body. It’s surprisingly calming (I do it often!)

Following the Soul Retrieval, it’s sometimes beneficial to have a subsequent visit for follow up.