“My work over the last two years with Amy has entirely changed my life. Her kindness, relatability and knowledge let me feel totally at ease through the vulnerable process of soul retrieval. I have made emotional breakthroughs and strides I never thought I could have before. I feel more connected to my body, mind, spirit and nature.  My care for the collective and world keeps growing as I learn how to better care for my soul.  I am getting stronger physically and spiritually from the undoing of trauma her work has facilitated in me. I look forward to continuing my learning and healing journey with Amy and nature and spirit. “ – Kritty Uranowski, musician.

”Amy is an exceptional individual. A person deeply committed to the shamanic & healing path, she has an impressive set of gifts and talents.  She is a great communicator and a natural healer and teacher. Her work is powerful and potent while filled with her compassion, sensitivity and kind heart. She knows how to create a safe space for people to heal and learn, has integrity and is deeply devoted to her practice, students and clients.  Amy has been a student and client of mine for many years and she is the real deal – a shining example of healing gifts, courage, commitment and transformation.  She truly is a great leader and an inspiration to me and the people around her. Anyone having the privilege to work with Amy will learn and heal in a profound way.” – Daniel Léonard, Teacher and Practitioner of Shamanism and Reiki

“You may be hesitant because you don’t understand or believe. I felt this way too when I first started my shamanic work. You don’t need to fully understand it – you just need to be open. After my first session with Amy I could feel a noticeable difference. I felt lighter. I felt calm. Obstacles that seemed impossible in my life before my session seemed to almost instantly start to unblock in incredible ways I never thought possible. If you do this work it will have a noticable and transformative impact in your life.” – J.F.

“I have only cursory knowledge/experience with energy work, and shamanism – so I signed up to work with Amy primarily based on intuition, and the fact that I knew her a little – and appreciate her authentic, humorous, and deeply knowledgeable approach to healing. Amy worked with me on an extraction, and power animal retrieval: she explained and described clearly, with assurance and levity, what would be happening as she worked. I felt safe, cared for, and in the presence of deep healing throughout.

The effects of the work were almost immediately accessible for me, and continue to amplify. I look forward to working with Amy again in my healing journey, and for anyone interested in effective, powerful, literally magical work without any pretense or ‘overbearingness’: I cannot recommend her practice highly enough.
Thank you Amy!” – Karen Henning

“Amy radiates a deep connection to universal energy that shows up in every moment that you are with her.  I appreciate her unique approach that includes wit, wisdom and witchery in service of healing and growth.   If you are on a path of remembering, Amy is a righteous Guide who is dedicated, caring, kind and ready to help you transcend your ordinary to become the best version of yourself.”  J.G.

“A few years ago, after having my children, I endured the trauma of having childhood sexual abuse memories resurface. I underwent treatment by a psychiatrist, a therapist, group therapy, a reiki specialist, and a nutritionist to help me heal and recalibrate my life after realizing that everything I once knew was now broken. It was only when I met Amy Miranda and worked with her that I realized that she could heal the the parts of me that no one else could see or reach. Immensely gifted and incredibly intelligent, she remains to be the only healing I need as I continue to live a full and exciting life. ” – E.W. 

“Ascension Institute has helped me in ways I can’t even put into words. I have done a few ceremonies with Amy, and they have all been extremely emotional and healing. My first experience was the soul retrieval where I learned about reconnecting to the universe and my power animal. It was so moving, magical, and amazing to go through this journey led by Amy. She helped me realize that I have had a very special connection to nature and the events that followed after were confirmation of this. I now feel the strength of my power animal when times are difficult, and I am so thankful for the things that Amy has taught me with what to do with my energy.  Amy is someone that I trust and feel very comfortable with. I highly recommend the Ascension Institute to those who are looking for healing and to vitalize their spirit. ” – Madison Harview

“Amy is not what you expect. I met Amy serendipitously on a puddle jumper as I was on my way to visit my Shaman in BC, who unbeknownst to me is Amy’s teacher, friend and mentor. I had a big smile on my face as I sat behind Amy and listened to her speak to three strangers so openly, honestly and with such humour and entertainment I was laughing on the inside and loving Amy’s free spirit.I knew she would be my Shaman. Since then I have had many treatments from Amy. The beauty of a session with Amy, (other than the way she speaks being so entertaining, humourous and easy to understand), is you may not feel the treatment but the aftermath is wonderful. I feel less burdened, and sometimes if issues arise afterwards I know where they come from I feel safe. Amy is helping me be the best person I can be in Mind Body Spirit, and for that I will be forever indebted.
Peace and love – M.L.

“Amy has been instrumental in helping me find my wild woman, the part of myself that I needed to really stand up for myself and ask for what I needed in my life. As someone who’s been through tremendous damage and trauma, part of what was missing in my life was that ability to really say what I needed and also not be scared to ask for it. She’s done that for me and I am eternally grateful. She’s also someone I know I can go to when I’m confused, and she always brings me clarity and light. Amy is a wonderful healer and shaman. I couldn’t have recovered these parts of myself without her. ” – G.K 

“I have been working with Amy on a regular basis for the past few months and I am very happy with the results. After the work we have done together, I feel more balanced and connected to my spiritual self than I ever have, and I continue to be in awe of the healing and growth I gain from this work. Thank you Amy! <3” – Ashtyn Ford

“Literally life changing. Amy warned me I would feel heavy and drowsy the day of/day after my shamanic extraction and while I believed her I did not think I’d feel that heavy. But I did. However she also said I’d feel lighter afterward in the long run. And let me tell you, I have felt exactly that. She helped in guiding me on my healing journey of letting go and allowing things to be. And quite honestly, she guided me into a higher vibrational self. I highly recommend going to Amy  for healing work because she just knows what to do, what to say and how to do it. She just knows.”  – Amanda Custodio

“Amy and I met serendipitously, while taking zoom movement classes. We exchanged emails and we opened up about our life experiences. Amy helped me to feel so comfortable sharing. She has an incredible sense of humour and a knack for making everything okay. No matter how painful or triggering or absurd. When she offered to perform an extraction and soul retrieval ceremony for me, I said yes. I trusted her. I knew this would be a really powerful experience. We set the date for June 2020. I was at the time utilizing many healing practices including therapy and was very open to many energetic and spiritual healers. I still am. Amy arranged a time for us to do a video ceremony, and I was a little worried that my experience would be watered down because of the distance. It. Was. Not. Wow. Life changing. Truly. The days leading up to my ceremony I was following Amy’s instructions, and was calling back soul fragments.

Welcoming spirit to assist me in clearing and healing. The day of, I was really blown away. The dreams I had the morning of and the way I felt. The energy didn’t want to leave my body. It was a lot. Amy was fearless. She dove right in. Her chant singing is like a rock star from the 80s, and her drumming is perfect. She is exactly my style shaman. I had fully formed visions through out and she was able to retrieve 4 souls fragments. She also returned one of my spiritual gifts to me. Second sight. She was able to clear away much energy that was not mine. Some of it generational and familial and some of it simply using me as a place to exist. Some from my traumas. Regardless, the shift was felt immediately. The following year saw so much change. My life transmuted into one that I was proudly creating. That is built on radical self love and joy and freedom. Where I am no longer the victim, or in pain and writhing. No longer enacting unhealthy patterns and behaviours. I really started to heal. Profoundly. There are so many profound moments that came from that ceremony with Amy, and after. It happened at exactly the right time.

Just recently, in June 2021, I had another ceremony. This time, it was more familiar a process. Through my experience last year, I was able to cultivate my own shamanic gifts and so in 2021 it felt like a tune up. Like a chance to go deeper into some areas of me. Also a chance for me to learn more about how to approach my life and my connection to spirit. Amy told me I need to learn to ask spirit and the entities that work with me, for help. Also I have to establish boundaries with them. Essential my relationship with spirit is exactly the same as my relationship with any person. I needed to hear this. Amy has brought me a sense of acceptance I wasn’t expecting. She helped me remember things. Parts of me. I have never felt so grounded and so present. So much like myself. I highly recommend her as a shaman. Especially if you like power and humour. Amy is a great guide between this world and the next. Her gifts are strong and she shares them so generously. I am grateful she and I have begun working together. I look forward to continuing to do so. ” – Rebecca Whitby

“When Amy offered to do journeying and healing work with me, I was definitely confused. I did not know what to expect. However, as her neighbour and friend, I trusted her word. We did not get to journeying until months later, but it was perfect timing. Being in the middle of a pandemic without a job nor any idea of where the world was headed, it was the perfect time for journeying and healing. This work definitely helped me get a grasp on letting go of my usual ideals of life- fast-paced, always on the go- and simply just relaxing for once. Letting myself be okay with doing nothing. It helped me find the saviour within myself in a tough time of loss, and uncertainty. I highly recommend Amy Miranda because she will help you find your way through the toughest of times.” -A.V.C.

“Amy Miranda is open, honest, welcoming and her instant warmth made it easy to let her into my fears and trauma.  She is full of knowledge and expertly holds space and offers beautiful counseling. She is generous with her gift; I highly recommend her services. ” – Pastel Mino Supernova

“When Amy offered to do healing work with me, I was skeptical. I’m the most secular and rational person you will ever meet. I don’t believe in magic, other worlds, or even most rituals. When I was told to pray before my soul retrieval, I couldn’t do it. Because I couldn’t think of anyone to whom I could be praying. In retrospect, I make for a very difficult healing client! 

But Amy persisted. We’ve known each other a long time. She knew I would benefit from her work. And I knew that I could trust her. And I was right to trust her, because I did benefit from the work. At first, nothing felt different. But about six months later, everything began to change. It was as if all the broken pieces of myself had come back together and had clicked into place. I was more energetic and more confident. I felt empowered and unstoppable. Where my life had felt empty and pointless before, I suddenly felt like I was on a vital mission—which I am. 
I’m still a skeptic and what I’ve written here doesn’t make any logical sense to me. But it’s as if the work I did with Amy has made me a bigger, badder, more beautiful version of myself. I’m so glad I said yes. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And I did gain everything. ” – C.C. 

“Last year, trauma from my youth which I had suppressed for over two decades came back to haunt me. I found myself in a very dark place and needing guidance. One of the avenues I took was reaching out to Amy. I didn’t now know that at the time, Amy was on the path to becoming a Shamanic healer. I simply reached out to her as a woman who I knew had experienced trauma. She shared her experience with me and I immediately knew this was something I needed to experience as well. I could probably write a few pages about my experience with Amy, but to keep it brief, it has changed my life. In a very big way. I had a few journeys with Amy over the period of a few months. I experienced soul retrieval. I also learned to journey on my own. After soul retrieval things started to shift for me. I had completely severed myself from the younger me, as a way of protecting myself. I am now reconnecting with parts of myself I had left behind for so many years. This has opened Pandora’s box. It has been the most intense experience of my life, and believe me when I say I’ve had a many crises in my life. For the first time ever in 41 years, I feel awake. I am finally seeing things clearly. I’m a creative. I’ve had HUGE dreams ever since I can remember. 

But I’ve been hiding, I’ve been afraid. My anxiety, insecurities and personal BS were leading my life. I am finally seeing things for what they are. Things are changing dramatically for me right now. Parallel to this, the healing process has woken me up to my connection to the universe. We are all part of one big organism. I am experiencing such an awakening of my consciousness. My empathy and need to be an active part of solutions of the aches and pains of the world are creeping into my life in the most unexpected of ways. It is hard for me to put into words, but trust me when I say it is beautiful 🙂 It is a gift I will forever be grateful for. All this to say. Amy has been a HUGE catalyst for me. There is a reason I was compelled to reach out to her. I truly believe that. She is a warrior, she is a seeker of truth and an inspiration. She is a healer. Thank you, Amy xox ” – Alex 

“I believe Amy was born to walk a shamanic path! When Amy worked on me, I was amazed at her deep insightful knowing, and it moved my process into overdrive! Amy is not only a very gifted healer, but an inspiration for breaking free of suffering and living a wholehearted life!” – Susan M 

“I have known Amy Miranda for several years now. After a chance encounter she became someone very important in my life, a friend, a mentor, the sister I always wanted (and didn’t know I needed), and shamanic practitioner I depend on heavily. Amy is the most powerful person I know, and radiates energy like no one I have ever seen. I have navigated sobriety, and my own personal trauma healing with her guidance. I have found parts of myself, and met a whole other side of myself through working with her. It is an honour, gift, and a privilege to work with Amy, and not something I take for granted or lightly.” – A.P. 

What will your story be? 

Amy & Stevie (who is a frequent assistant in ceremony)